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New COVID-19 Variant In New York

A new covid-19 variant is afflicting New York. The B.1.526 variant of Covid-19 is causing alarm even to the US CDC as the new variant is said to have been mutated enough to evaded Covid antibodies. This would mean that the current vaccine might not be effective if a person comes into contact with the new Covid-19 variant.

The variant was first reported in November of last year. Up to date, 735 were recorded to have been infected with this new variant. The CDC warned today that if vaccination efforts are not doubled and precautions taken, we might see a resurgence of the virus this year. The variant is said to have spread across the South East with reports coming out of Florida and Texas that patients have been found to have been tested with this new variance.

There is a possibility that if this new virus variant is not contained, it could lead to another shut down or worst, similar episodes like March/April 2020 might happen again. The US CDC is advising caution and to take all necessary measures in order to halt the spread.