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The Apple M1 Chip Is A Game Changer

Watchout Intel, there is a new player in town!

The new Apple M1 chips is a revolutionary entrant in the microchip industry and its performance blows the competition out of the water. The Apple M1 chip provides an equivalent high end gaming laptop performance and is about to significantly improve the Mac product model’s bottom line.

According to Apple, these new M1 chips are built to perform machine learning algorithm. Given its ambitious targets, it was hard to see how apple could juice that much performance out of such a small device. Boy, were we wrong! Not only did they knock it out of the park, it delivered on much more than it was expected to. The efficiency of these new Macbooks with the M1 chips are immaculate, that in a test conducted by Linus Tech Tips, the battery lasted a whole 20 hours before running out. Its nearest competitor died out in a little under the 13 hour mark.

The M1 chip is an integrated 8-Core CPU and GPU with the endurance of an iPad and the performance of a gaming laptop. Here is an excerpt of apple explaining how they were able to get that much performance out of their new M1 chip:

Typically, PCs have to use a discrete chip to get great graphics performance — which consumes a lot of power. But M1 is different. Its integrated graphics bring the best of both worlds — a huge increase in graphics performance together with low power consumption. The result of years of thorough analysis of Mac applications, the GPU in M1 is the most advanced graphics processor we’ve ever built. With up to eight GPU cores, M1 is capable of executing nearly 25,000 threads at a time. From teraflops to texture bandwidth to fill rate to power efficiency, this GPU is in a class of its own — and brings the world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer.6

Apple M1 Chip Architecture. Credit: Apple Computers, Inc

Apple’s foray in the chip making business is projected to significantly improve both its bottom line and top line revenue. Chip performance are a core requirement in next generation technologies like 5G and self-driving cars. Apple M1 chip is positioning Apple to maintain its market dominance not only in the consumer electronics sector but has its sight now trained on the semiconductor industry. Its ability to blend hardware and software through a continuous improvement process, is one that is hard to beat.

Sales of Apple’s new iPhones are expected to be up by about 21% year-over-year based on a report released by Counterpoint Research. Apple has also recently hit an all time high stock price of $132.69 after announcing its plans for bringing a product into the USD$21 Trillion self-driving car market. Apple has a market cap of USD$2.3 Trillion and they are looking absolutely unstoppable at the moment.